EQ Series

1.2kW, 0-1kV to 0-60kV
Arc Count. The systen counts arcs that occur over a given time.
In the event occuring arcs exceeds factory-set parameters, the power
supply will cycle off and restart after a preset "off dwell time".
Polarity: Available with either positive, negative or reversible polarity
with respect to chassis ground (< 8kV reversible polarity only).
Glassman's "Air Insulated"; designs are completely serviceable
Low Ripple: Ripple is typically less than 0.02% of rated voltage at full load.
Constant voltage/current operation - standard
Front Panel Controls: Separate 10-turn controls.
Overload, short circuit, and arc protection is provided by
automatic current regulation and by careful surge limiting design
Dimensions: 520.7mm x 19" x 2HE

Several Options as i.e.:
  • -200: 200Vac ±10% input, 48-63Hz
  • -NC: Blank front panel, power switch only.
  • -5VC: 0-5 V voltage and current program/monitor.
  • -CT: Current trip. Power supply trips off when the load current reaches the programmed level
  • -GE9: RS-232 control an monitor.
Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Ripple & Noise Approvals Power Netto
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103334 EQ3R400 198-264Vac 0-3kV reversible 0-400mA 0.6V CE 1.2kW 6'048.00  

104258 EQ2R600 198-264Vac 0-2kV reversible 0-600mA 0.4V CE 1.2kW 6'048.00  

104294 EQ20P60 198-264Vac 0-20kV positive 0-60mA 4V CE 1.2kW 6'970.60  

104346 EQ30R40 198-264Vac 0-30kV reversible 0-40mA 6V CE 1.2kW 10'304.00  

104338 EQ40R30 198-264Vac 0-40kV reversible 0-30mA 8V CE 1.2kW 10'976.00