CFM 60 Watt medical

Cost-effective medical open frame modules with universal input range

90 to 264 VAC universal input range


5'656 VDC input to output isolation

EMC according to EN55011 Class B

Molex connectors

High efficiency

UL/cUL certified

CE certified

Dimensions: 102x51x28mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Ripple & Noise Approvals Netto
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104218 CFM-60M050 90..264Vac 5Vdc 8A 82% 50mVpp UL/cUL, CE 32.50  

104219 CFM-60M120 90..264Vac 12Vdc 5A 87% 120mVpp UL/cUL, CE 32.50  

104220 CFM-60M150 90..264Vac 15Vdc 4A 88% 150mVpp UL/cUL, CE 32.50  

104221 CFM-60M240 90..264Vac 24Vdc 2.5A 89% 240mVpp UL/cUL, CE 32.50  

104222 CFM-60M480 90..264Vac 48Vdc 1.25A 90% 480mVpp UL/cUL, CE 32.50