CFM 100 Watt

Open frame modules with universal input range and active PFC

90 to 264 Vac universal input range


Power factor correction (PFC)

Molex connectors

Short Circuit Protection

High efficiency

Dimensions: 102x51x28mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Ripple & Noise Approvals Netto
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104101 CFM-101S120 90..264Vac 12.0Vdc 8.4A 87% 120mVpp CE 60.80  

104102 CFM-101S150 90..264Vac 15.0Vdc 6.7A 87% 150mVpp CE 60.80  

104103 CFM-101S200 90..264Vac 20.0Vdc 5.0A 88% 200mVpp CE 60.80  

104104 CFM-101S240 90..264Vac 24.0Vdc 4.2A 88% 240mVpp CE 60.80  

104105 CFM-101S480 90..264Vac 48.0Vdc 2.1A 88% 480mVpp CE 60.80