CFM 200 Watt

Open frame modules with universal input range and active PFC

90 to 264 Vac universal input range

Active PFC

Remote Voltage Sense

High efficiency up to 92% typical

Option: with cover


Open frame versions (127x76.20x36.60mm)

Covered versions (136x88x49.0mm)

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Approvals Netto
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104091 CFM-201S360 90..264Vac 36.0Vdc 5.56A 91% UL/cUL, CE 85.85  

104092 CFM-201S120 90..264Vac 12.0Vdc 16.67A 89% UL/cUL, CE 85.85  

104099 CFM-201S240 90..264Vac 24.0Vdc 8.34A 90% UL/cUL, CE 85.85  

104100 CFM-201S480 90..264Vac 48.0Vdc 4.17A 92% UL/cUL, CE 85.85  

104370 CFM-201S280 90..264Vac 28.0Vdc 7.15A 90% CE, not covered by UL 85.85