MK Series

75W, 0-1kV to 0-60kV
Current Regulation unequalled in this price range.
Glassman’s “Air Insulated” designs are completely serviceable
AC power “ON” indicator
Constant voltage/current operation - standard
Local voltage or current control user selectable
Remote voltage and/or current control via 0 - +10 volt signal
Remote voltage and/or current control via potentiometers
Overload, short circuit, and arc protection is provided by
automatic current regulation and by careful surge limiting design
Dimensions: 279.5 x 131.7 x 120.6mm

  • -100: 100V input
  • -22 / -220: 230V input. Required for CE
  • -400: 400Hz input
  • -YY1: 115/230Vac selectable input. Non CE
  • -GE9: RS232 control
Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Approvals Power Netto
  Lager Menge
103800 MK1P75L-22 198-253Vac 0-1kV positive 0-75mA CE 75W 1'523.20  

103461 MK1N75L-22 198-253Vac 0-1kV negative 0-75mA CE 75W 1'523.20  

105019 MK3P25L-22 198-253Vac 0-3kV positive 0-25mA CE 75W 1'523.20  

105223 MK10P7.5-22 198-253Vac 0-10kV positive 0-7.5mA CE 75W 1'559.60  

103359 MK10N7.5-22 198-253Vac 0-10kV negative 0-7.5mA CE 75W 1'559.60  

104319 MK15P5-22 198-253Vac 0-15kV positive 0-5mA CE 75W 1'649.20  

103557 MK15N5-22 198-253Vac 0-15kV negative 0-5mA CE 75W 1'649.20  

105224 MK20P3.7-22 198-253Vac 0-20kV positive 0-3.7mA CE 75W 1'773.80  

105225 MK20N3.7-22 198-253Vac 0-20kV negative 0-3.7mA CE 75W 1'773.80  

106465 MK25P3-22 198-253Vac 0-25kV positive 0-3mA CE 75W 1'910.45  

106466 MK25N3-22 198-253Vac 0-25kV negative 0-3mA CE 75W 1'910.45  

104187 MK30P2.5-22 198-253Vac 0-30kV positive 0-2.5mA CE 75W 1'971.20  

104002 MK30N2.5-22 198-253Vac 0-30kV negative 0-2.5mA CE 75W 1'971.20  

103358 MK35N2-22 198-253Vac 0-35kV negative 0-2mA CE 75W 2'105.60  

103361 MK40P1.8-22 198-253Vac 0-40kV positive 0-1.8mA CE 75W 2'258.20  

103360 MK40N1.8-22 198-253Vac 0-40kV negative 0-1.8mA CE 75W 2'258.20  

104004 MK50P1.5-22 198-253Vac 0-50kV positive 0-1.5mA CE 75W 2'472.40  

105028 MK50P1.5-100 90-110Vac 0-50kV positive 0-1.5mA Non CE 75W 2'472.40  

104003 MK50N1.5-22 198-253Vac 0-50kV negative 0-1.5mA CE 75W 2'472.40  

104106 MK60P1.2-22 198-253Vac 0-60kV positive 0-1.2mA CE 75W 2'724.40  

104183 MK60N1.2-22 198-253Vac 0-60kV negative 0-1.2mA CE 75W 2'724.40