VCU 75 Watt

4:1 input voltage range DC/DC converter line for use in battery and vehicle applications

2V Hysteresis

I/O isolation of 1'500VDC

Continuous short circuit proof

Over temperature protection

Burst and surge proof 2'000/500 Vdc

Reversed input polarity protection

Vibration, shock and bump resistant

EMC according to EN55022 Class B

Aluminum chassis

Dimensions: 163 x 83 x 28 mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Netto
  Lager Menge
102871 VCU24-1375-A1P1-H2.C 9.0...36Vdc A.Anf.  

103525 VCU24-1375-A1P1-H3.C 9.0...36Vdc A.Anf.   

102922 VCU24-2475-A1P1-H2.C 9.0...36Vdc 161.30  

103466 VCU24-2675-A1P1-H2.C 9.0...36Vdc A.Anf.  

102872 VCU48-1375-A1P1-H2.C 18...72Vdc 174.00  

103131 VCU48-2475-A1P1-H2.C 18...72Vdc 161.30  

103321 VCU48-2675-A1P1-H2.C 18...72Vdc 166.80  

102873 VCU110-1375-A1P1-H2.C 66...154Vdc A.Anf.  

103132 VCU110-2475-A1P1-H2.C 66...154Vdc 166.80  

103465 VCU110-2675-A1P1-H2.C 66...154Vdc A.Anf.