ERW 16A Adj

Power-On-Point DC/DC modules without galvanic isolation

Output voltage has to be set by resistor

POLA standard pinning

High reliability

High efficiency up to 94%

Wide output voltage range 0.75-5.0 VDC

No derating up to 30°C

"Power Good" Signal

Continuous short circuit protection

Over temperature protection

Remote on/off control

UL and cUL1950 certified


SIL-12: 50.8 x 8.3 x 13mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current No Load Current Efficiency Ripple & Noise Power Pinning Netto
  Lager Menge
103290 ERW12-0580A 6.0...14Vdc 0.75-5.0Vdc 16A 95 mA 94% @5.0V 75mVpp 12-80W S12 32.25