LP 2.8kW series

2.8kW, 0-7.5V to 0-600V
Zero voltage "soft" switching for high efficiency
low noise and high reliability
OVP, current limit, thermal protection
Labview® and LabWindows® drivers
Remote sense, 5V line loss compensation
Constant voltage or constant current operation with
automatic crossover mode indication
Dimensions: 19'', 2U

Serveral options as:

  • Isolated Analogue Programming
  • GPIB / RS-232C
  • 3 Phase 208Vac Input
Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Ripple & Noise Power Netto
  Lager Menge
101030 LP12-220 190-264Vac 0-12V 0-220A 50mVpp 2.8kW 6'371.40  

101039 LP40-70 190-264Vac 0-40V 0-70A 60mVpp 2.8kW 6'371.40  

103806 LP150-18 190-264Vac 0-150V 0-18A 100mVpp 2.8kW 6'371.40  

103536 LP300-9 190-264Vac 0-300V 0-9A 120mVpp 2.8kW 6'371.40