CFM 15 Watt

Cost-effective open frame modules with universal input range

85 to 264 Vac universal input range


3'000 Vac input to output isolation

EMC according to EN55022 Class B

PCB Pinning

High efficiency

Industry standard pinning

UL/cUL certified

CE certified

Dimensions: 70x48x23mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Ripple & Noise Approvals Netto
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100111 CFM-1507S 85...264Vac 3.3Vdc 3000mA 70% 50mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20  

100107 CFM-1501S 85...264Vac 5.0Vdc 3000mA 73% 50mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20  

102957 CFM-1509S 85...264Vac 9.0Vdc 1670mA 75% 90mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20  

100108 CFM-1502S 85...264Vac 12.0Vdc 1250mA 80% 120mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20  

100109 CFM-1503S 85...264Vac 15.0Vdc 1000mA 80% 150mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20  

100110 CFM-1505S 85...264Vac 24.0Vdc 630mA 82% 240mVpp UL/cUL, CE 19.20