Wide input voltage range DC/DC regulators without galvanic isolation

Efficiency up to 90%

High reliability

No derating up to 71°C

Very low output ripple and noise

EMC according to EN55022 class B


DIL24: 32 x 20 x 12 mm

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current No Load Current Efficiency Ripple & Noise Power Pinning Netto
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100062 SRL5005-12 7.0...40Vdc 5.1Vdc 1000mA 10mA 82% 60mVpp 5W A1 17.40  

100049 SRL1212-12 14...40Vdc 12.0Vdc 1000mA 10mA 88% 60mVpp 12W A1 17.80  

100056 SRL1515-12 17...40Vdc 15.0Vdc 1000mA 10mA 90% 60mVpp 15W A1 17.80